P154: It’s All in the Spirit Filled Formula

For Pastor Thomas Beavers, the success of every Christian believer is found in the formulaic makeup of Christ’s example on the earth. As the fourth pastor of New Rising Star Church, Beavers stands behind a methodology he coins P154 (Dr. Gene Mims/ Dr. Michael Wesley/ Dr. Rick Warren).


The leading P in the equation stands for principle; namely those guidelines Christ Jesus set forth for His followers. Beavers believes that the development and foundational principles of the church should be rooted in Christ and not the personality traits or specifications of the Pastor. “Because we are 1 Church reaching 4 generations of people (seniors, adults, young adults, & children) at the same time and also One Church that is built to last FOR generations to come, we strive to build our church on the principles of Christ and not the personality of the pastor.”


The 1, which is the “WHAT WE DO,” in Pastor Beaver’s visionary equation speaks about the one responsibility given to all believers in Matthew 28:19-20—The Great Commission. Seeking out and winning souls for the Kingdom of God is the major responsibility assigned to every self-proclaiming Christian.


According to the New Testament, there exists five pillars which detail the purpose of the Church. These five, the “HOW WE DO,”—evangelism, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and ministry—make up the 5 portion of New Rising Star’s vision (Acts 2:42-47).


The 4 speaks to the four manifestations that the Body of Christ is to witness once the other portions of the P154 equation have been fulfilled. These happenings are spiritual growth, numerical growth, growth in ministries, and growth in missions.